Metal Shake Roofing

Metal Shake

Metal Shake Roofing is an innovative product that delivers high levels of aesthetic performance, longevity and weather resistance. With its sleek metal appearance it can help to improve your home’s curb appeal while also ensuring quality shingle coverage for years down the road.

You can choose from many designs to match any architectural style – whether it be a classic colonial look awesomely paired up alongside shingle styles such as slate-colored shakes on gentle slopes. Metal roofs are a great choice for homeowners who want to have an aesthetically pleasing, strong, and lightweight roof that can withstand natural disasters.

Metal shake roofs provide protection in regions with heavy rains or fires because of their disaster-resistant features such as stiffness & ductility which saves them money on metal roof repairs after any type of event occurs while also being cheaper than other types due in part to lower installation costs caused by being so lightweight.

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Lightweight and Easy To Install

The metal shake-roofing tiles create a welcoming and durable cedar appearance, but with better fire resistance than natural wood. The composition of these roofs includes various metals like galvanized steel or galvalume steels that give them an elegant shine while also providing protection against bugs in the summertime when you’re having campfire nights in your backyard!

Metal shake tiles are a less expensive alternative to other roofing materials. They can be shipped easily and handled by workers for installation which increases safety during construction time as well.

The many different products available like metal shake tiles challenge today’s buyers but there is one thing every household should consider before making this decision: does your home need durability? If yes, then metal shake roofing might just be the answer for you.

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What are metal shakes?
Metal shake roofing tiles provide the look of warm and inviting cedar, but with better durability. They have fire resistance as well as insect coverage that will keep your home safe from harm. Metal roofing systems come in many different styles including galvanized steel or galvalume aluminum for those looking to save money on their insurance policy each year – without sacrificing style points either! A great thing about these types of roofing tiles? It’s easy maintenance; just clean off any dirt once per month.
What is metal shake roofing?
Metal shake roofing is a great option if you’re looking for something that will stand the test of time. The benefits of metal are many since metal is durable and won’t rot, warp or otherwise decay over years like cedar shake roofing does (metal also doesn’t need an upgrade). Plus with all those advantages listed above there’s really nothing not to love about it.

Metal shake roofs are an attractive choice for homeowners who want the look of cedar without having to worry about it cracking or warping. Metal is lightweight, making it easy to install and remove when necessary; it also provides protection against heavy rains, it is wind resistant and energy efficient. Some people might argue that metal is a long-term material and will not be needing repair any time soon from the day you install it.

Is it cheaper to get a metal roof or shingles?
Metal roofs are always going to be more expensive than asphalt shingles. Not only is the metal shake roof cost higher, installing one also requires a lot of skill and labor – which you can expect will add onto your bill at home too!
It is true that the cost of a metal roof may be more than 2 or 3 times higher compared t the cost of an asphalt shingle roofing or other traditional roofing.
How good are metal shingles?
Metal roofs are the best choice for protecting your home from strong winds and rain. Metal shingles can withstand 140 miles per hour wind gusts, preventing them from doing serious damage. They are a lightweight alternative to other roof products, like concrete or clay. The lack of weight means that installation can be done safely by one worker with fewer risks for injury compared to heavy roofs which require two people holding up 30-150 pounds each time they change something on your house.