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Soffit Systems

Soffit Systems

Soffit systems add elegance and timelessness to your home. But that’s not all there is to it; a soffit system helps protect your home and adds to its durability. Basically, a soffit is any feature that protects the internal structures of your home against the elements and resembles siding in between your roof’s eave and fascia. Although metal soffit systems provide a clear, finished look to your construction, this does not mean that they are less durable particularly if you consider soffit cladding systems.

Soffit systems are low key but they play a major role in protecting your home from damages and improving its total look. Just consider the following: if the roof line is damaged by water (not necessarily heavy rain but just dripping), it can rot and this rot and mold will move further into your roof damaging it and allowing for pest infestation. Installing a soffit allows for air flow inside your home but keeps it secured from damages.

So what’s so good about having a Soffit? The weather, bugs and mold can be detrimental to your home durability; while rusting or damaging foundation are other pests that might trouble you. Fortunately we have the solution- our unique design of roof overhang called “soffits” which evolved from being an absolute necessity in construction to being revolutionary for whatever you are building.

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The Benefits of a Soffit System

Classic timber homes are at risk of being damaged by hot, humid air. The installation on a soffit will guide the flow away from these delicate areas in your house to promote proper ventilation and prevent mold/mildew buildup which can do serious structural harm over time.

The soffit is the part of your roof that covers and protects it from rain, windstorm debris. The closure provided by this coverage will keep water out while also keeping you safe inside your home with an environment free-of potential hazards like leaks or other problems caused due to humidity.

Installing a soffit protection barrier will lessen any maintenance needed in the long run. The cellular PVC material is synthetically manufactured and means there’s little to no corrosion over time, making this an ultra-important addition for your home! We recommend painting 100% Acrylic Latex Exterior Paint on top of it because its durability can’t be matched by anything else out there – not even natural wood products that are often used as alternatives when constructing homes today.

Custom soffits are an excellent way to make your home feel like it was custom-made for you. There is a variety of finishes and styles available, such as wood grain or textured surfaces that will match whatever design preferences have been established in the rest of room décor already. The options allow homeowners incredible freedom when designing their own spaces while still being stylishly modern with clean lines – all at affordable prices too.

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Metal soffit systems are an added value to your investment and we can offer superior design and quality for metal soffit system applications. Do not miss out on our high quality soffit systems- get consultation from our expert team of technicians today.


What is soffit system?
The soffit is the undersurface of your eaves or gables – basically the space between the edge of your roof and the wall. Metal soffit systems help to conceal any wiring, tubing or exposed beams that might be an unsightly thing to have in your house or even prove dangerous in the long run. The added bonus? Soffit panels ensure you have a visually appealing construction from every angle and it is also an extra layer of protection for your roof and walls.
What type of soffit system is best?
The type of soffit panels you choose will depend on your roof shape and how much space there is in the attic determining the soffit ventilation system. If narrow eaves are needed, then non-vented or continuous coverings work best; however if wider eave lines need to be followed along with smaller vents between solid panels, then vented designs should suffice well enough for most roofs. In any case, the ridge and soffit ventilation system will be determined by your roof shape and available space.

Futher, what you need to consider is the soffit drainage system which can provide your deck with maximum protection from water damage.

Are there different types of soffits?
There are different types of soffit panels, such as wooden, steel, fibre cement, vinyl, aluminium, and UPVC soffits.